Management Tools for Small Business

Starting a small business is never easy, especially in the current political and economic climate. In
most cases, a fledgling entrepreneur has to operate on a stringent budget, saving every penny and
hoping that sooner or later his company will yield profits. However, technological progress has
always offered succor to industrious people, and now it came in the form of useful management
software which helps businesses to optimize and cut down various expenses.
In this article, we would like to give you a comprehensive list of top 5 management tools which
include invoices apps and inventory tracking software. Even if the budgeting doesn't represent a
burning problem for you at the moment, these management solutions will be very useful for
optimizing the workflow of your company.


Currently, it is one of the best free invoicing solutions which automates all payment operations.
Tipalti has a cloud-based AP system that organizes and optimizes all financial processes within the
company, including tax form collection, and tracks all invoiced clients.


It is a feature-packed online invoicing tool which can also be employed for producing estimates,
managing expenses and receiving online payments. The software is fully integrated with Google
Checkout and PayPal. You can also design your own invoice template which will highlight the
uniqueness of your company.

ABC Inventory

This inventory-tracking software was developed by Almyta Control System, a promising company
based in New York. It allows them to manage warehouses, serial numbers, and other data. If you are
an individual entrepreneur who looks for free and efficient software, ABC inventory could be the
right choice.


Delivrd is a good inventory management tool with is designed as a cloud service. It has a free

version and a paid one which will cost you around $50/month. Delivrd has an intuitive interface and
works perfectly with Shopify and WooCommerce. A paid version will grant you access to more
locations, sales tools, and tax-reporting tools.


This invoicing and time-tracking software has the most user-friendly interface and understandable
work system. It is also a cloud-based program that helps you conduct free invoicing and manage the
work flow. Nutcache allows you to develop an unlimited amount of invoices, clients and other
documents, which is a great solution for companies that run on a tight budget.

Success in business is all about hard work, dedication and the ability to find alternative ways of
doing things. The world of technology gives you many great management tools, and it is up to you
to use them for the benefit of business.

The Advantages of Electronic Invoicing

Nowadays, many organizations make a good use of the opportunities provided by the telecommunication channels. Many innovations have been introduced in the process of document management, specifically the electronic invoicing. Such novelty becomes more and more popular for obvious reasons: the transition to a new electronic format of business relations results in the time and cost efficiency.. The revenue officers also find these changes very useful because electronic invoicing increases the quality and efficiency of data acquisition, simplifies and accelerates the process of tax inspection and improves the VAT management.

However, due to the conservative nature of some business owners or the legislative restrictions in certain countries, a lot of companies still prefer to resort to the traditional way of issuing invoices. Perhaps, they are still unaware of all advantages of electronic invoicing; therefore, we would like to help them, as well as the rest of our readers, to get acquainted with the benefits of using this form of document management.

  • The efficiency of electronic invoicing is obviously among its major advantages. In earlier times, the transfer of paper documents to a contractor, which was located in another region, took a considerable amount of time (days or even weeks). With electronic invoices, it takes just a few seconds to compose the document and request payment. Moreover, it saves a great amount of paper, which is important for those who care about the environment. It also reduces stationery and postal expenses and the use of other recourses which are being spent during the conventional circulation of documents.
  • The promptness of compiling, editing, search and other operations involving electronic invoices and archives is vastly superior to the traditional methods of invoicing. Consequently, it has a positive effect on the work of accounting, financial, archives and other departments.
  • The proper setup of electronic invoicing can almost completely eliminate the problem of mechanical defects and other mistakes which can appear in paper invoices. There are plenty of cases where such defects have caused misunderstandings with tax authorities.
  • Electronic invoicing also saves the time necessary for registration and approval of documents within a company. It also simplifies the control of a document status.    

In summary, electronic invoicing is a great tool which will make the conduct of business much more expeditious and less costly. The time does not stand still, and it is especially relevant in the world of business. Therefore, if you want your company to run like clockwork, without unnecessary delays and muddle, you should switch to electronic invoicing as soon as possible.